Effective integration of craftsman spirit training, ideological and political education in higher vocational colleges



The cultivation of morality and values-based leadership are the common requirements for the cultivation of craftsman spirit and the ideological and political reform of colleges and universities. The ideological and political classroom education in higher vocational colleges is an important place to enhance the craftsman spirit of students. Only by integrating the two can we enhance the long-term development of the socialist cause, cultivate students' love and professionalism, and realize the all-around development of students. In the present social construction, it is an important stage that needs the construction of the craftsman spirit. From this point of view, this paper analyzes the effective method of the integration of the two, pays attention to the students' professional spirit, and promotes the cultivation of students' craftsman spirit. The ideological and political education in colleges and universities and the cultivation of craftsman spirit are well integrated. This is to explore the ideological and political curriculum and craftsman spirit, so as to better cultivate comprehensive high-quality professional talents that meet the development needs of the new era.

Keywords: craftsman spirit; higher education; ideological and political education; merge

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.54435/heos.v2i5.78


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