Effectiveness of a Gamification Tool for Classroom Management in Education Setting



Classroom management is a key factor in students' educational achievement. Hence, the purpose of this study is to provide practitioners with clear evidence of the effectiveness of a free and accessible classroom management system, ClassDojo. Therefore, it brings significant implications for addressing the problem of the practitioners in handling class as the strategies of classroom management are not providing the intended results. This will help lessen the number of occurrences of disruptive behaviour. The quantitative results from the pre- and post-ClassDojo intervention of this study have shown a positive change in students’ behaviours with the students and these results can be comparable to the previous studies in which there is a significant decline in disruptive behaviour.  Implementing ClassDojo as an intervention has the potential to lighten two issues simultaneously—namely, decreasing students’ disruptive behaviours that aid the teacher in handling their classroom and achieving teachers’ requirements of integrating technology into the lesson.


Keywords: behavioural; education technology; intervention; performance; reward system

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.54435/heos.v2i5.77


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