Cultural Values Presented in the Movie "Wandering Earth 2": Creating the Chinese Science Fiction Industry



Chinese science fiction movies have been steadily growing and progressing in terms of number and quality, following in the footsteps of international science fiction movies. Its science fiction expression with cultural values of Chinese characteristics, released in the New Year of 2023, has earned the recognition of audiences at both domestic and international all the time, prompting the eager attention of people from all walks of life to Chinese science fiction movies. Since then, "Wandering Earth 2" has formally kicked off the industrialization of Chinese movies. The concept of "A COMMUNITY WITH A SHARED FUTURE FOR MANKIND," which is a cultural value of Chinese cinema, has given rise to ideas and possibilities for future Chinese science fiction movies. We conduct cultural values transmission via the dream of science fiction with Chinese elements. This study investigates the movie's cultural, aesthetic, and social values, with the goal of determining how to use the movie's cultural values to provide audiences with a higher level of aesthetic experience, to improve Chinese science fiction movies, and to improve the industrialization of Chinese movies.



Keywords: Cultural Values; Chinese; Science Fiction

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