Cross-Cultural Dissemination of Chinese Culture in Western Countries

Li Mingwan



The cross-cultural study is necessary due to increasing globalization, population variety, and health inequities among non-dominant cultures. Cross-cultural researchers must consider these various topics when conducting numerous research problems. The review talks about the cross-culture dissemination of Chinese culture in western countries. China has continually evolved over the years, with a diverse culture represented across the nations. In the age of globalization, cross-cultural dissemination is evident where people interact with people from different backgrounds. Thus, a need arises to focus on cross-cultural dissemination by focusing on the aspects contributing to the spread of Chinese culture in western countries. The paper also focuses on the reception of this Chinese culture in these countries. Findings indicate that a positive impact on society, politics, or economics can only be achieved by effective distribution and communication of study findings.


Keywords:  Chinese culture; cross-cultural dissemination; narrative review; past decades

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e-ISSN: 2785-9118